2017 Bland Competition Winners
Competition Position Scholarship Amount Name Instrument/Voice Secondary School University/School District 24 Lion Club(s)
1st Place Instrumental $ 2,500 Mairead Flory Cello Home Schooled TBD A Culpeper Mid-Day
Ist Place Vocal $ 2,500 Naomi Daniels Soprano Home Schooled TBD E Ferrum, Rocky Mount, Smith Mountain Lake
2nd Place Instrumental $ 2,000 Melody Whitaker Violin Home Schooled TBD F Wytheville, Rural Retreat
2nd Place Vocal $ 2,000 Sara Koo Soprano George Marshall High School TBD A Baileys Crossroads
3rd Place Instrumental $ 1,500 Kevin Hong Piano Princes Anne High School TBD D Bayside
3rd Place Vocal $ 1,500 Maryann Hayden Soprano Keystone National High School TBD C Clarke County
Partipant $ 1,000 Emma Rose Cary Cello Glen Allen High School TBD B Varina
Partipant $ 1,000 Katrina Kirilyuk Violin Harrisenburg High School TBD C Harrisenburg
Partipant $ 1,000 Zoe Knox Vocal     D  
Partipant $ 1,000

Jordyn Satterfield

Soprano Deep Run High School TBD B Varina
Partipant $ 1,000 Elizabeth Shelor Violin Home Schooled TBD E Floyd
Partipant $ 1,000 Hadassah White Soprano L F Addington Middle School TBD F Pound & Wise
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24-A DG Jay Moughon and MD 24 Bland Chairperson Shirley Wilson Vocalists: 24-F Hadassah White, 24-E Naomi Daniels, 24-C Maryann Hayden, 24-B Jordyn Sattefield, 24-A Sara Koo Instrumentalists: 24-D Kevin Hong, 24-B Emma Rose Cary, 24-A Mairead Flory, 24-C Katrina Kirilyuk, 24-F Melody Whitaker, 24-E Elizabeth Shelor
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MD 24 Contestants and Sponsors 24-C Instrumrntalist Katrina Kirilyuk, Bland Co-Chair Larry Roller, 3rd Place Vocalist Maryann Hayden, 24-C DG Mark Pennypacker 24-A DG Jay Mough, 2nd Place Vocalist Sara Koo, 1st Place Instrumentalist Mairead Flory, MD 24 Bland Chairperson Shirley Wilson
IMG_2271 IMG_2272 IMG_2268
Vocalist Zoe Knos, 24- D DG Tucker Casanova, 3rd Place Instrumental Kevin Hong Instrumentalist Elizabeth Shelor, DG Marty Alford, 1st Place Vocalist Naomi Daiels 24-B DG Heather Jones-Lacto, Vocalist Jordyn Satterfield, Instrumentalist Emma Rose Cary, 24-B and First VDG Ann Ragland
IMG_2277 IMG_2278 Bland Logo
24-F Hadassah White, MD 24 Bland Chairperson Shirley Wilson 2nd Place Instrumentalist Melody Whitaker. 24-F Instrumentalist Melody Whitaker 24-A 1st Place Instrumrntalist Mairead Flory, 24-A 2nd Place Vocalist Sara Koo, 24-E 1st Place Vocalist Naomi Daniels  
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